Is India lagging in the Tourism Industry?

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The travel and tourism industry has evolved exponentially over the last decade and the travel has become non-negotiable among the Indians nowadays. The tourism market is growing at a double-digit rate and it is still unaffected by the economic slowdown, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, which gives a significant contribution to the GDP. There are different factors such as e-visa, government initiatives, and others that have played a major role in attracting more and more international tourists. Eventually, it has opened up the sector with more career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. 

When it is all about promoting, India has put a huge effort in the last few years. They have gone far with different strategies including branding, advertising, and selling of the tourism potentials. The sector will also see a significant rise from now on. The government has also decided to cut on the GST tax rate so that the tourists land up paying more.

Tourism Industry is booming in India
In India, tourism is the largest service industry, and India witnesses more than 5 million annual foreign tourist arrivals. Although more and more people are visiting India than ever before, the real boost is coming from the Indian citizen only. Indian citizens love traveling and thus the travel and tourism sector is booming. They are adding to the economy by traveling from one place to another. For a few decades, Tamil Nadu has been the most visited state thanks to the pilgrimages who want to visit the temples in and around the state. It is amazing to see the array of different travel experiences that the travel enthusiasts have and they wait for the opportunity to travel again.

The top-notch colleges dealing with hospitality studies
In recent years, the number of hospitality colleges has increased. You can see an increased rate in the number of students who are aspiring to join this industry. The colleges provide the students with the best skills so that the students can learn different dynamics of hospitality management. Starting from the infrastructure to calling the guest celebrity, from experienced faculty members to best internship offers, the top-notch colleges are providing with the best to make sure that the students learn everything required to boost the industry as well as grow individually. They also offer the students the best placement opportunities to make sure that they can start with a great career.

If you are also one of them who aspired to join this amazing and flourishing industry, then you should pursue a course in this field. There are many colleges that offer graduate and postgraduate courses in this field. You can visit the website of the best colleges to make the right decision. You can choose a college based on the faculty members, guest lecturers, placement opportunities, and so on. So, if you are willing to enter this fun and exciting industry then apply now as it is the right time to step forward towards your dream.

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