How To Travel Like A Boss

travel like a boss

For many, the dream of first-class travel is just that; a dream.

While the democratization of air travel has afforded everyone the opportunity to seek out the heavens, flights are not what they used to be. Cramped passengers and endless delays are just a few of the characteristics of modern-day travel.

There may be no way of avoiding these circumstances.

But how and where you travel can have significant effects on the type of day you’re going to have. Disembarking into the right destination will make all the difference in the world. And few places make you feel like the master of your fate like Dubai.

Despite your limited purchasing power, Dubai is a destination you simply can’t ignore. It’s a glamorous playground with monolithic skyscrapers that loom over its desert surroundings. A shopping haven filled with cultural dynamism and a one-of-a-kind nightlife.

Even those with a modest budget can find a world of indulgence in Dubai. And it all begins with the right state of mind.

For those vying to travel like the big shot that they are, or soon destined to be, here are the tricks of the trade to travel and experience Dubai like a boss.

Travel in style

There’s undeniable power in dressing well. When you dress well, you exude confidence. Your outfit may alter your perception and how you interact with the world. It will definitely alter the perception of those around you.

Clothes have social power. The right garments for the occasion can empower your mindset. An assembled outfit is a sign of confidence. One that may prove invaluable when traveling.

Always dress appropriately for travel. While it’s tempting to throw on the first comfortable thing for your flight, resist that urge. Dressing up for your excursion will make you look and feel better.

When selecting the right garments for travel, consider three main factors: style, comfort, and temperature. You want your outfit to get you through both sub-zero temperatures and unbearable heights.

Travel is never an excuse to not look your best. Your appearance is a precious commodity. Dressing sharp with a little charm shows that you belong. Looking the part can also go a long way when asking for that much-needed upgrade.

Explore the unknown

Dubai’s glitzy playground stretches its arms wide open for all to enjoy. There’s something to be had for every taste and preference. Dubai’s ambitious future is present in its experiences. It’s the perfect city to indulge your hedonistic pleasures.

Shopping in Dubai is a leisure activity, with each retail haunt channeling a certain theme. Some look like a Persian palace. While others will have an indoor ski slope or giant aquarium. Traveling is a great way to widen one’s horizon.

But Dubai is more than a just a shopping haven. It boasts a staggering variety of fine dining global cuisine and its bars are unlike any other. From glamorous dance temples, to fancy rooftop bars and alluring beach clubs, Dubai is a fertile environment conducive to catering to your whims and desires.

For those that are 18 years of age or older, with a preference for something more leisurely, enjoy your exotic cocktails in one of Dubai’s many laid-back lounges. Or indulge your senses in the customary Arabic tradition of shisha and dokha tobacco.

Cultivated from indigenous pure tobacco, smoking dokha is to Dubai what cigars are to Cuba. It’s a social venture that is akin to a rite of passage. Blended with herbs, spices, and dried flowers or fruit, smoking dokha is a must for cigar enthusiasts.

Accessories make the man

Beyond the materialistic accessories you’ll require for traveling, your manners are emphatic accessories that travel with you.

There will be moments during traveling where everything will seem to go wrong. Delays and inefficiencies will be beyond your control. Be courteous in all situations. Remaining calm and maintaining the right type of attitude in even the most stressful environments will go a long way during your travels.

Familiarize yourself (as much as possible) to the social and cultural customs of Dubai. Endeavor to remain courteous while curious. Endure difficulties with consideration and compromise. Manners after all, maketh the man.

When it’s done properly, living the ultra-luxe travel life doesn’t have to break the bank. There are ways to experience the jetsetter lifestyle with a modest budget. Travel to well-known destinations where you can experience the luxury lifestyle while saving money.

But like anything, when traveling, the adage “when in Rome” remains relevant. Explore the unknown. Eat locally. Live socially. And always do so with style.


Abdul Razzaq is the business manager of Red Rose Group. He holds a degree in business management and has over two decades of hands-on experience in strategic business management, in-house management problem solving, product/service sourcing, product development and branding & marketing.

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