Effective Tips to Travel to Puerto Vallarta

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Best Tips to Travel to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the famous cities in Mexico that receives millions of tourists every year. People from the United States, Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica, and different other countries travel to this city to spend their vacations in a pleasant way.

The city has got a number of beautiful attractions including beaches, churches, occasional events, and many other things. If you are smart and know everything about the city, you can spend some amazing days visiting all the destinations of the city at quite affordable rates. However, if you are not accustomed to travelling in Puerto Vallarta or similar countries, read the following effective tips that can help you have a perfect trip to this city.


Best Tips to Travel to Puerto Vallarta

Since the city receives plenty of foreign tourists every day, some of them become a prey of ‘timeshare selling’. The timeshare selling team asks different questions to people and behave as the airport officials do. Considering this, you need to remain alert while going through the airport and should avoid and ignore any irrelevant activity or person. You need to deal with the custom people smartly as they are considered as “shark tank”. Once you are out from the airport, you can easily find taxis that will take you to your place of stay in the city. There are a number of Puerto Vallarta villa rentals in which thousands of people come and stay to spend their vacations. You can also get yellow taxis that cost lesser than the taxis at the airport.

You can use both cash and cards here in Puerto Vallarta. You better check the exchange rates before you go to the city and should use USDs if you find the exchange rate 10 pesos to the dollar. However, you better use pesos if you find a dollar equals to more than 10 pesos. You can take out pesos by using an ATM.

You can give around 10-20% tip to different service providers like waiters, porters, guides, spas, bellman, and others, however you shouldn’t tip the taxi drivers as the local don’t do this. Anyhow, if the driver helps you do some things other than driving (helps you to carry your luggage to the hotel), you can give some money as a compliment.

Driving in Mexico is as comfortable as in any big country; however there are particular traffic rules that you need to follow to remain safe from any penalty. There are speed bumps in the streets on which you need to pay attention and show down your car’s spend once you see any bump. In this country, you also need to stop are the label “Alto”. There are different speed limits with a maximum 60kph on different big streets. In short, you should follow the traffic signs and rules in this country to remain safe from the police.

All the big and luxury hotels and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta serve purified water to their customers. For your assurance, you can also confirm from them that whether the water and ice they are serving is purified or not.

When it comes to food, the city is famous throughout the country for its delicious food items. On your visit to Puerto Vallarta, you will come across with hundreds of restaurants offering all kinds of food.

There are a number of spas in Puerto Vallarta, where you can easily go through a perfect spa at less than $30/HR. The Marina Vallarta and other big hotels in the city offer various deals of spas especially for foreign tourists.

Interacting with locals:
The best thing you will find in Puerto Vallarta is that the people of this city are loving and entertaining. They love to spend time doing some fun activities and by having different music parties. The local people of the city start their conversations by saying “Buenos Dias” (Good Morning), and ends by saying “Buenos Noches” (Good Evening). The city has got a rich culture and following their traditions, they give full respect to foreign tourists who come from far and wide to visit the city.

Don’t afraid to bargain in Puerto Vallarta while paying for anything. Whether you are paying for some food in a restaurant, paying for a taxi or Jet Ski rides, spa, or for anything else, you can freely ask for some discount and they would definitely give it to you.

Thus, following the above effective travel tips, you can have an amazing trip to Puerto Vallarta that will surely add some great moments in your life memory. Travel is one of the healthiest activities you should do and by visiting some of the most beautiful destinations of this city; you can have a great adventure!

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