How to Choose the Right Engineering Branch?

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Every year lacs of students opt for engineering but are clueless as to which branch would be the best for them as engineering is an extensive subject. First thing first, try and identify what is your passion, what gets your heartbeat raised, what type of problems do you want to solve, etc? If you get the answers to all these questions naturally in one go, then it will become really easy for you to choose that branch and eventually you can easily excel in that field.
We have listed various branches for you to help you decide which one is best suited for you:

Civil Engineering
If you are a creative person and want to be innovative at every level then this field is definitely the one for you. Civil Engineering includes designing and developing infrastructure projects, be it national transport systems, the building of roads and buildings, bridge, space satellite, dam, or tunnel. This branch is for you if:
• You like designing particularly computer-aided design and building things
• You have an interest in architecture, mechanics, hydraulics, geotechnics, and statistical analysis

Computer Engineering
Computer engineering is about designing and prototyping of computing hardware and software. It is a combination of electrical engineering with computer science. This branch is for you if:
• You’re a tech-savvy person and want an engineering career related to computers like a software developer or computer engineer.
• You have a strong command over mathematics, science, and computers, and want to learn more about how computers operate at a physical level.
• You want to invent new products and systems based on the technological advancements

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Chemical Engineering
This engineering is for those who like to produce useful materials and substances with the use of chemical and biological processes. This branch deals with natural and experimental sciences like chemistry and physics along with life sciences like biology, microbiology, and biochemistry with a touch of mathematics and economics. This branch is for you if:
• You have an analytical mind.
• You have a keen interest in different branches of science.
• You’re interested in a different type of chemical processes.

Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical engineering deals with research, design, development, construction, testing, science, and technology of aircraft. Along with aeronautical, you can also study astronautical engineering that focuses on spacecraft and its conditions.
• You’re fascinated by the history and intrigued by the methodology behind flying machines
• You have a been interested behind the working mechanics of flights during air travel
• You’re intrigued by the advancement of airplanes and jets and how the machinery performs under extreme conditions

Electrical/Electronic Engineering
Have you always been interested in Physics and its different laws related to the flow of electricity? Electrical and electronics engineering both focus on applications of electrical power. While Electrical engineering deals with large scale production of electric power the electronic engineering deals with circuits used to maintain the flow of electric power. This branch is for you if:
• You’re deeply interested in how electrical devices work
• If you see yourself making technological developments related to power
• If you have ideas for how electrical systems and appliances can be made better

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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering is considered to be the oldest branch of engineering that is concerned with mechanical systems and includes manufacturing, transportation systems, combustion, nanotechnology, and robotics. This branch is for you if:
• You like working with mechanical devices
• You want to engage yourself in fields such as sustainable energy and artificial intelligence
• You are interested in developing and improving mechanical technologies.

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