How ICSE schools in Dehradun meet the needs of modern education

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The ICSE schools in Dehradun are preparing students not only for their 10th and 12th examination but also for their future. These schools provide the best opportunity for all round personality development of the students along with scholarly pursuits.

Dehradun is well known for its educational system meeting international standards of education. The city attracts many parents across the country looking for top schools for their children. It has become one of the best educational hubs in the country attracting students across the globe. Some of the finest schools affiliated by The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board are located in Dehradun. These schools are known for promoting high standards of education and have the reputation of producing many famous personalities who have made their marks both nationally and internationally.

Meeting the competitive edge of modern education

Dehradun is famous for its pictorial beauty, scenic locations and pleasant weather. Receiving quality education in such a place will leave every child with various sweet and memorable experiences. The top ICSE schools in Dehradun provide students with an environment that encourages a questioning mind and provides them several opportunities to express their creativity and building their skills. The quality school education prepares the students to face the competitive edge of modern world and succeed in life.

The city houses multiple top quality ICSE schools. Parents can get their kids enrolled in a school of their choice according to their individual preferences. All the ICSE affiliate schools in the city have the reputation of promoting higher standard of education and helping the students for their future. These schools provide an environment in which every student discovers and realizes their full potential. It is because of the quality, excellence of education and dedication of the teachers that these schools attract the students from all parts of India and the world.

Why to choose ICSE schools

There are a number of schools affiliated to ICSE board in Dehradun, which attract numerous students across the country every year. Among the many ICSE affiliated schools in Dehradun Col. Brown Cambridge School is one of the top ranked residential schools for boys. It is imparting quality education to the students since 1926. The school recognizes every boy’s potential, coaxes it out of the shell of a hesitant child, nurtures it, and brings it to life. The long tradition of 91 years has made Col. Brown Cambridge School a landmark in the city. The school is known to have produced many famous personalities holding high positions in different sectors. Its hundreds of alumni are now working and residing in various parts of the world.

Most of the ICSE schools in Dehradun aim at always doing their best for the students. The ICSE schools here are ranked among the best schools in India because of their international standards of education and consistent results in both the 10th and 12th examinations and excellent extra-curricular activities. The ICSE schools have the proud privilege of having taught many students who have later become distinguished educationists, army and civil officers, engineers, chartered accountants and successful businessman.

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