Career Opportunities After Hospitality Management Degree

hospitality management degree courses

Have you ever imagined managing hospitality of a luxurious hotel or resort? Or what about owning a chain of a hotel across the country? It sounds good. If you dream of such things, a hospitality management course is a foremost step that you need to complete if you really want a successful career in hospitality and tourism industry.

A career in the hospitality industry is rewarding and professionally inspiring. Over the years, the industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries across the world. Tourism is growing everywhere, so is the hospitality-both are inter-dependent. If you dream of a luxurious and glittering career, then pursuing a hospitality management degree can make a change.

With the growing importance of hotel management courses, many institutes have started offering a range of professional degree programs in the field of hospitality and tourism. Generally, you will find three categories like Degree Courses, Diploma Courses, and Certificate Courses.

Top Industries Offering Job Opportunity after Hospitality Management Course:

A hotel management degree opens doors to several sectors related to the hospitality and tourism. You may be offered following job profile once you complete the course successfully:

• Casinos
• Catering companies
• Bars and private clubs
• Concert and theatre venues
• Ministry of tourism
• Airlines and railways
• Cruise and shipping industries
• Hotel and resorts

Roles & Responsibilities:

Since the career after hospitality management degree has a huge diversity and it is somehow difficult to describe every role and responsibility in limited words, however, we have brought in some common responsibilities and job profiles in the field of hospitality. Below are some job profiles and their responsibilities:

• Hotel Manager
As a hotel manager, you will be responsible to look after the operational and administrative tasks along with customer services. Ensuring the most satisfactory hospitality services will be your prime responsibility. It is necessary for a hotel manager to have a good command over the communication and organizational skills so that he or she can handle all operational task skillfully without a fail.

• Restaurant Manager
A restaurant manager has to deal with each and everything in a restaurant. It is their responsibility to manage operational tasks, customer services, marketing-related projects, and administrative works while also taking care of the reputation and spirit of the restaurant. When you learn the core aspects of the hotel and tourism industry from the best hospitality management college in India, you will understand how to deal with real-life challenges in hospitality sector.

• Cruise Director
If you want to explore the world through the sea route, then the job profile of a cruise director is perfect for you. It is a specific job profile that requires professionals to take care of everything, right from the foods to recreational activities, social events, safety to customer satisfaction. It is one of the most rewarding career options after hotel management degree.

• Event Manager
In addition to the hotel and restaurants, event management is another lucrative option for hotel management graduates. You can choose your career as a wedding planner, bridal consultant, event planner, and others. It provides you with the most lucrative career choices with different responsibilities.

Pay Packages for Hotel Management Graduates
Generally, the pay packages depend on several things such as college, professional skills, interpersonal skills, and employer. If you have completed the course from the best hospitality management college in India, then you are likely to get lucrative perks. A candidate who has done post-graduation degree is likely to get starting salary of Rs, 15K – 20K per month whereas the candidate who has pursued a diploma or certification degree in hospitality may start their career with a starting salary of up to Rs. 12,000 per month.

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