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Alleppey Houseboat Kerala

When you talk about beautiful countries, India is no less than any foreign locale. There are several places in India which are often compared with famous foreign locations, earning them popular nicknames. Read on to know about some of the most famous places, their equally famous foreign nicknames and why they are called so.

1. Ahmedabad – ‘Manchester of India’

Ahmedabad in Gujarat

Ahmedabad in Gujarat is compared to Manchester in London as they are both famous for their cotton textile industries. Popular around the globe as a hub of cotton textile industry, Manchester has the perfect water and temperature for spinning fine thread. Ahmedabad, located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, is warm throughout the year and is a popular cotton producer in the country. Hence, it has earned the famous foreign nickname of being the ‘Manchester of India.’

2. Coorg – ‘Scotland of India’

Coorg hill station in Karnataka

Situated in Karnataka, Coorg is one of the most popular hill stations in the country. Snuggled comfortably in the emerald green hills of the South, Coorg has rightfully earned its nickname of being the ‘Scotland of India.’ Stunning waterfalls, scenic tea plantations and green hills galore, Coorg offers all this and much more. Offering breathtaking views of scenic natural beauty, Coorg is reminiscent of the lush green beauty of Scotland.

3. Chennai – ‘Detroit of Asia’

Chennai - industrial hub of India

The largest city in midwestern Michigan, Detroit is famously known as the world’s automotive center. Chennai is famous for the same in India, offering the support and infrastructure which many automobile companies need. It has an unbelievable 113 national parks which attract global companies to set up base here rather than any other part of Asia. It is also referred to as the Detroit of Asia for the high number of exports it carries via its ports. Being the industrial hub that it is, Chennai accounts for an estimated 60 per cent of automotive export in India.

4. Alleppey – ‘Venice of the East’

Alleppey backwaters in Kerala

Sharing in common with Venice the beautiful backwaters it’s home to, Alleppey in Kerala has earned the nickname of being ‘Venice of the East.’ Matching Venice in its scenic picturesque beauty, Alleppey has come to be one of the most popular travel destinations in India. Like you can enjoy enchanting boat rides in Venice, Alleppey too offers the same with its houseboats. Popular with honeymooners, Alleppey witnesses a large number of people visiting every day.

5. Kasol – ‘Mini Israel of India’

Kasol is known as ‘Mini Israel of India’

Kasol is famously known as ‘Mini Israel of India’ because you will find more Israelis here than Indians. The scenic town has become a hotspot for Israelis who head here after they finish their mandatory military training, in search of some of the best Cannabis. You can experience Israeli hippie culture in Kasol. If you visit Kasol, expect to encounter rave parties, Cafes that serve authentic Israeli food, plenty of Israeli souvenirs and much more.

6. Kashmir – ‘Switzerland of India’

Kashmir - travel destination of india

Kashmir is famously known as the ‘Switzerland of India’ and rightfully so. The region is strewn with lush greenery and exotic vegetation, welcoming scores of tourists every single day. During winters, Kashmir is blanketed in snow, making the already picturesque location even more stunningly beautiful. Both Kashmir and Switzerland are famous for their snowcapped peaks and scenic beauty which makes them popular travel destinations in the world.

7. Jaipur – ‘Paris of the East’

Pink City Jaipur Rajasthan

Called so solely for its architectural charm, Jaipur in India is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. Its exotic palaces are famous worldwide and have caught the attention of foreign celebrities as well – many of whom have held their wedding ceremonies in the grand palaces of Jaipur. This has given a romantic feel to Jaipur just as with Paris. The cuisine is royal too with several famous dishes having originated from the kitchens of royals.

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