5 Best CAIE Schools in Hyderabad

best caie schools in hyderabad

For students at the age of 14 years to 16 years, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is one of the most popular curriculums followed and recognised in about a hundred countries. It is equivalent to General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), United Kingdom.

These institutions help in developing various creative skills in their students. CAIE prepares a child in a way that individually they can solve problems and organise themselves for future classes. There have multiple ways of teaching even for specially-abled children. CAIE takes the responsibility of every single child personally.

They award their students in three categories namely distinction (grade A in five subjects and grade C or above in two subjects), merit (grade C or above in five subjects and Grade F or above in two) and pass the class (grade G or above in seven subjects). The subjects they cover are divided into 5 groups, such as for group I is for Languages, group II for Humanities and Social Sciences, group III covers Sciences, group IV is for Mathematics and in group V there is Creative, Technical and Vocational. The best 5 CAIE schools in Hyderabad are as follows.

1. Ambitus World School: Ambitus has been the source of inspiration for its students. It is one of the best CAIE school in Hyderabad. The institution has laid a strong foundation for many great achievers. The school follows both the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and also CAIE. All classrooms are ultra-modern with the use of latest technologies. The classrooms are limited to only 24 to 26 students for better focus on each child. All the faculties of Ambitus are highly trained and experienced. For more information visit the website.

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2. DRS International School: The integrated educational system of the institution has been popular among both students and parents. DRS is situated amongst green nature. Extensively focussed faculties who teaches and focuses on each student separately, understand their problems and shortcoming and help them to overcome it. The bond of trust between the teachers and student have made learning very joyful. They follow both CBSE and CAIE curriculum. Regular revisions of each curriculum are part of their teaching habits.

3. Global Indian International School: This school is spread over 6 acres of land in a population free environment. It has a pan Asia presence. Their concept of teaching has gained popularity as it fosters self-belief and problem-solving capabilities in them. Apart from academics, they motivate students to take part in various activities such as athletics, swimming, outdoor games and many others.

4. International School of Hyderabad: This school believes in personalised teaching of their students and take the complete responsibility of each child. They have students from more than 21 countries. In this institution for an average of 15 students, there is a teacher. International faculties of more than 12 countries help the students to make their bright future. International School of Hyderabad is running successfully for the last 39 years.

5. Orchids The International School: This school has been featured in The Times as one of the best school lists. It education curriculum and teaching techniques are loved by its students and their parents. Along with academics Orchid’s also have a swimming pool, music room, library, science lab and many other co-curricular activities.

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