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We have been traveling all our lives and for the last ten years with a backpack on our backs. Thanks to flexible jobs and long, long studies, we were able to travel for several months each year. In these tours, we have discovered a lot of countries but also experience the traveling life hacks. These life hacks or travel tips make traveling even more laid back!

10 travel tips for (almost) any traveler

We have made a golden collection of the 10 best travel tips we have discovered over the years. Some may be obvious, but others can indeed be considered once. They are all useful!

1. Quiet, we are not at work!
How often we do not see travelers wanting to see four countries in three weeks cannot be believed. What do you have for a holiday? Are you trying not to escape the daily slogan as a wage slave, with strict targets and planning? We do not understand anything at all. When you take the time to discover a country, city or place, you usually make the best experience home. More time, fewer locations. If it’s beautiful, you can always come back! Besides, you will come to rest because there is a holiday for that?

2. Get mad
On vacation, nobody knows you, and you’re crazy about it. So break out of your comfort zone and eat that crazy street food (usually good), do the last hike instead of the pussy version and talk more often with other (scary) people. You will find that most travelers are very friendly and want to talk about geopolitics or econometrics.

3. Do not plan everything
By planning everything from home, you do not get the experience you want. This is because you often hear the most beautiful spots from fellow travelers or residents. Plan your flight, book a hotel on arrival, and from there you will see again. This can be easy in any country because nowadays every hostel has Wi-Fi that allows you to book a new hostel or hotel quickly.

4. Also, send a message home
Are you shy or free from social media from any electronic communication form? Then you can send a message to your house. A card or package with a local souvenir or specialty is always very spontaneous and will make the home fans fantastic! Also, they do not always notice it, but they would like to know what you’re looking for, especially mothers and fathers.

5. Take copy of all your travel documents and travel toolkit
Travel tip 5 is one of the most important for carefree travel. If your passport, care card, debit card or the like is stolen then you are well-placed in the monkey. Nevertheless, with a copy of these documents, you can temporarily get out of your way! Still stolen? The steps you need to take with a stolen passport or debit card can be found here .And if you go by car or any private vehicle please make sure to take extra tire, floor jack etc. with you.

Tips: Pleasetry to pick best floor jack that suits your car or vehicle.

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6. Be patient
Often you get into situations where you cannot get hold of it. This can sometimes cause stress but why? Because you have to wait longer for an odd location? Whether to go to another hostel because the bus was delayed five hours and your room is now gone? Afterwards, you can usually laugh and often it’s a wise lesson where Confucius can suck a little more. No rush, just analyze and respond.

7. Get up early
In the early morning, most attractions have been abandoned because travelers are somewhat lazy and sleep late. Also, you often miss the tour groups and other day trips. If you get up at sunrise, you can even make beautiful photos thanks to the mild sunlight. This also applies to the last hours before closing time.

8. Always keep some extra money in your pocket
As we could save us between the borders, you might be able to protect yourself somewhere else in the world. Cash is king and queen all over the world. Often in developing countries, there are only private medical clinics where you have to pay cash. For us, these are usually not high costs, but some dollars you have to pay.

9. Local people know better
How fantastic some stories from other travelers can be the local people know better. Try to talk to them and there will be a world of travel information for you. Besides, it’s always fun to make new friends on the other side of the world.

10. off the beaten path
Travel tip 10 is quite standard, but many people often hit him. Also, turn left where everyone goes right. In this way, you usually find the nicest undiscovered places that are sometimes much more beautiful than the top sights of your current base.

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