Tseng Chun-hsin could be the Coming Hottest Property in Tennis

The 16-year-old junior tennis player Tseng Chun-hsin manifested to the brick-and-mortar world of tennis again that he got all the potential to become one of the best tennis stars in the coming years as the Taiwanese international beat Britain’s Jack Draper 6-1, 6-7 (2-7), 6-4 in boys’ singles final at Wimbledon on Sunday.

Before facing a hard time in the final match, the young prodigy from Asia had not lost even a single set right from the round one, which shows that rate of consistency he controls inside his pockets.

The success over the emerging British teenager made it crystal clear to the home fans that they would have to wait for more years to witness the principal British boys’ titleholder since 1962.

While earlier this year, Chun-hsin performed in his first junior major event, where he lost the match against Sebastian Korda from the USA by 6-7, 4-6. At that time, this final match of the Australian Open had created a glorious buzz in Chinese Taipei as every media plug in his country was screening this big latest tennis news and updating their people regarding this magnificent achievement.

After failing to enjoy the line of glory in his first major, Tseng Chun-hsin has not made even a single peccadillo on the way of winning his first Grand Slam on the clay court at Roland Garros versus Sebastian Baez, who hails from Argentina, by 7–6(7–5), 6–2.

By winning back-to-back Grand Slam titles within the last two months or so, Chun-hsin has updated a perfect news to the stakeholders of tennis that he can do something big in the coming future.

There have been very few tennis news inventors in the long history of teNews and Headlinesnnis to play at the top level on all three courts, and Tseng Chun seems to be one of sporadic to show that such consistency on all three different and amazingly-challenged surface.

What executes the things even mysterious about this front-page headline maker form Asia has been his tactical flexibility in tennis. Tseng Chun can play both long and short balls from the same control. Indeed, it is hard to get this tactical smartness in this people’s entertainment.

Also, the current greats like Nadal and Federer feel utterly discomforted as far as playing on those surfaces that sound less comfortable to play on are concerned.

Tennis stars from Asia are not good mainly in the singles!

Not having a legacy

There is no doubt that tennis is a game that has a wide range of people to follow in the whole world. Even, a boy in Bangladesh must be familiar with the names like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Williams and Sharapova. Additionally, more than ample amount of news portals updating their viewers about the big tennis news and headlines have been the raison d’etre behind this great familiarness. That is why this sport has created that such global audience to follow.

From the angle of viewership, nothing could be better than this. Nevertheless, looking towards the corners of development, it seems completely vice versa. Other than European and American nations, tennis is not the pie to enjoy for the young African and Asian talents.

Leaving Li Na alone, who is the only magnum opus in tennis from Asia to win two Grand Slams in singles, Asian performers have always been yelling for the one to show the signals of greatness for the youngsters to regard.

Such why the value of Tseng Chun-hsin is too impotent for this amazing and multi-cultural continent.

Tseng Chun-hsin should learn from the previous Asian legends

The coming generation in sports will always have that advantage of becoming better than the previous one because they can read and see the mistakes on various news portals that had been done by their heroes in the past.

The same theory lies for Tseng Chun-hsin as he also got some legends in tennis who had done great in junior events. However, lost their touch later during their tenures.
One such example is Ramanathan Krishnan. In 1954, Krishnan had also tasted the same pie by winning and becoming the first tennis star from Asia to be named as the boys’ singles champion at Wimbledon. However, failed to win the Grand Slams later in his career.

The storyboarding is the same with Tseng Chun-hsin. He is also making great tennis stories and updates in the junior division, but no one knows whether it will remain the same after 5 to 10 years.

A missing hero for kids

The present pace of Tseng Chun-hsin is completely indicating that he can become an example to follow. His fast, aggressive and ready to conquer approach is doing well to shine in newspapers. In the end, performing and winning a Wimbledon silverware in men’s singles will definitely make him the poster boy for lesser-developed nations in tennis.

What do you think fans? Is Tseng Chun-hsin a future tennis star?

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