Tips to make your child boarding school ready

child boarding schools

If you have planned to send your child to Boarding schools in India, it is definitely not an easy decision. Both parents and children go through a lot while taking this big step. Reading this article will help you in making your child ready for the great experience of boarding school life. So scroll down and check out:

Have a conversation: Not everyone is excited about joining a boarding school. There are many dilemmas and thoughts in the young mind of a child when they think of Boarding schools in India. They can be scared, nervous and unhappy with the thought of living away from their home. Have a conversation with your child and tell them that it is natural to have such thoughts. Talking to them will let you know about the things in their mind and what is making them anxious. Help them in identifying their worries and have a discussion on it. Also tell them about the positive experience that they can have in boarding school.

Prepare everything in order: Since your child will be living in the boarding school, make sure he or she has everything they require beforehand. Pack their luggage carefully and in order. Boarding schools in India give the information of the things to bring, make sure to read it while you pack for your child. To make their hostel room comfortable and homely pack some family pictures. It will help them feel better.

Boost their confidence: The idea of living in hostel can give stress to your child because they have to organise their things and belongings themselves for the first time in their life without the support of their family. So, make them understand that they are going to take the charge of their things. Give them confidence that they can pack their bag, get ready for school and take care of themselves. You can encourage them to make their own bed, wash their laundry, clean their closet and maintain their bookshelves. It is a good exercise that will give confidence and boost their confidence.

Assure them with the planned meetings: In the early months of hostel life, most of the children are sad because of homesickness. It can also hamper their studies and learning process. You should assure your child that you will be meeting them often. Plan your visit with them in advance also tell them about the days when you can meet them. You can also tell your child about keeping touch through letters, emails, video calls etc. There are plenty of communication tools available these days.

Encourage your child to have healthy habits: Since you will not be available at all the times, you must make sure to have a conversation regarding the healthy habits. Boarding schools in India have a healthy meal plan however some children do not eat properly. Also they do not sleep enough or manage their time properly. So tell your child about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Encourage them to have nutritious food, value of hygiene and proper sleep.

Teach them the value of self study: Boarding schools in India do have dedicated hours for studying after school hours, teach your child to make the best out of it. They can make timetables to study on their own and you must discuss often if they are having any trouble.

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