List 5 Top Courses for Career Prospects in Hotel Management

hotel management courses in india

Hotel Management is becoming a popular choice among career-oriented students. They wish to join the hotel industry because of many benefits. The main advantage of joining this industry is financial stability. There are different hotel management courses in India. In this article, we bring the top 5 courses that will help you to set your career. Since the admissions are open currently, you can apply now for the admission test when you visit the website. You can visit here one of the popular colleges of India GNIHM and find more about the courses on the website.

1. BA in International Hospitality and Hotel Administration: Bachelors of Arts in international hospitality and hotel administration is a very good course if someone wishes to have exposure in the hotel industry abroad. Along with the administration aspect of the hotel industry, an international hospitality course prepares you for the hotel industry internationally. So, if your aim is to work abroad in the hotel industry, this is the course for you.

2. BBA in Advanced Hospitality and Hotel Management: Advanced hospitality includes the advanced aspects of the hospitality industry. It also includes the business aspects of hotel management. Basically, all the things that are used to run a business in the hotel industry are included in the program. The entrance is based on the JET 2020 entrance test and the talented students who pass the test get admission in this course.

3. MBA in Hospitality and Hotel Administration: MBA in Hospitality and Hotel Administration is about the management aspect of the hospitality industry. The main focus is Hotel administration which teaches you how to manage the administration aspect of the hotel industry. The students usually get placed in very good hotel chains. !00% national and international placements are given to the students who have the degree. This Master’s degree is beneficial for those who want to have a stable career in the hotel industry.

4. M.Sc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration: An M.Sc means that a degree will be awarded by the university and a higher diploma from a university in a foreign country. One year internship opportunity is provided in one of the countries with which the university has the tie-up. The eligibility to get admission in M.Sc in hospitality and hotel administration is an undergraduate degree in any stream.

5. Diploma in Hotel Operations: For many people, a diploma might sound like a basic course in a small duration but this basic course includes all the things you need to know about the operations and management of the hotel industry. The diploma gives you an opportunity to understand and work in the hotel industry.

Hotel management is a bright career for students who are enthusiastic about working hard and do not shy away from dedicating their time to work. The fresher starts working at a good level in the hotel industry and reach heights in this sector. If a person is goal-oriented, then the hotel management industry provides a lot of scopes for people to grow.

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