Is Choosing Best Boarding School in Dehradun for Boys Justified?

boarding school in dehradun for boys

Boarding schools have their own advantages and disadvantages. While in the list of disadvantages there is only one point that the kids have to stay away from the comforting nests of their homes and from the family for a long period of time, the list of advantages is huge. May be, that is why many cultures, including ancient Indian, have the boarding school systems. It benefits the students in many ways and the possible results that this education system gives lasts for lifetime. Visit here to know more about the positive effects of boarding schools in student’s lives.

While some may find keeping the kids away from family in the name of education cruel, many know that picking boarding schools for boys, in many ways is far better than the day schooling.

Why pick boarding school for your boy

Boy boarding schools are designed according to the needs of boys : The co-ed schools especially the day boarding ones have their different priorities. They are designed keeping different types of education system in mind. Day boarding school rush to cover the syllabus on time and have to deal with different learning system of girls and boys too. It is not same with boy’s boarding schools. The boy’s boarding schools are designed keeping the specific needs of boys in mind and hence covering syllabus is not a race against time.

Lesser social pressure : While in co-ed schools and in the day boarding schools students have to deal with social pressure, the scenario is quite different in boys’ boarding schools. Boys encourage each other on accomplishments and support in failures. Students feel negligible pressure of society in the friendly atmosphere of boarding school. Visit website to know more about the social life in boy’s boarding school.

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School focuses more on overall growth of the boys : Boarding schools do not give too much importance to the result percentage but these schools work on overall growth of the wards. They shape the kids with discipline and moral values and focus more on overall personality development along with academic excellence.

Why go for Dehradun of all the other places in India
North India is where you will find the best of the boarding schools in India and Dehradun is one of the most preferred place. Dehradun which is also known as “The City of Schools” has many reasons that makes it the best choice for schooling. Best boarding school in Dehradun for boys includes The Doon School, The Doon International School Riverside Campus, The Welham’s Boys School, etc.

Peaceful place : Dehradun City is a very peaceful place. The weather condition of the place makes it even more favorable for studies. This is the reason why many famous writers have made it their homes. This serenity of the place helps in focusing on the subjects. Read more to know more about the city.

Best atmosphere for education : Dehradun has got an atmosphere for education. The city boasts of many reputed school, colleges and educational institutes. People in the city are always in quest of knowledge. Students from all around the country come to this city making it more suitable for students. Student will find all facilities that make their academic lives easier and comfortable even out of their schools and hostels.

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So if you are in dilemma, if you should or you should not send your kid in boy’s boarding school in Dehradun, don’t worry. This might be one of the best decisions you are making for the bright future of your son.

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