How to Pursue Career in Travel and Tourism

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post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management

Travel and tourism industry offers diverse jobs ranging from servicing positions to the higher level managerial designations. Tourism industry is booming and offers about 10-12% employment opportunities on a global level. Although the jobs and tasks may vary from position-to-position, good customer service skills and ability to communicate and work politely are the key requirements to work in travel and tourism industry. Getting the right kind of qualifications helps the candidates successfully pursue career in travel and tourism.

What skills do I need to have?
Career in tourism sector requires a wide array of skills. Formal study or course in travel and tourism proves quite helpful. This industry is service based so, strong communication skills and experience in customer service are the main assets. Consider getting tourism related degree or certification/diploma courses from a top travel and tourism institute to kick start your career.

Courses in travel and tourism
There are several graduate, postgraduate, certificate and diploma level courses available for the aspirants. Tourism management programs by the leading institutes offer a unique combination of managerial, functional and theoretical studies. These programs generally encompass the courses in HR, Financial Strategies, Media Management and Facilities Management. Some programs also offer internships with tourism-related companies to provide the real-world exposure to the candidates.

For successful career in travel and tourism, an Associate or Bachelor’s degree would be quite useful. Some of the programs offered by the leading institutes are: Certificate Course in Fundamentals of Tourism, Diploma in Travel Service Management, IATA foundation, IATA Consultant Course, Advance Diploma in Travel and Tourism, etc. Students can also consider pursuing post graduate diploma in travel and tourism management to grab higher level positions in the industry.

After the successful completion of travel and tourism course, one can easily grab jobs both in the public and private sectors. Once you are certified by any of the top institutions, career scope as a professional is literally limitless.

Career options for the students
Besides travel agencies, exciting career opportunities are available to the students in hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, resorts, airlines, aviation, travel counseling, trains, and tour operations. Government tourism departments also offer employment opportunities to the individuals interested in travel and tourism career.

Choosing a career in travel sector
1. Research for jobs related to tourism: This industry offers plenty of job opportunities to the candidates with varying qualifications and expertise. Look up for the travel industry websites and career guides to know about this sector and related jobs.

2. Look at the industry trends: Following the latest industry trends is a good way to evaluate the job market and future job opportunities.

3. Consider your interests: Think about your interest in order to narrow down the choices for a successful career in travel and tourism sector. If you are an avid writer, consider the profile of content writer for travel websites and magazines. If you enjoy interacting with new people, look for the positions in hotels, resorts and historical places of tourist interests.

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