How to Get Admission in Top Cooking Courses in Pune

Cooking is the centre of the hotel and restaurant business. It is important to have good chefs around for the success of the hotel. There are plenty of good courses in cooking. However, the demand for good chefs has increased manifolds in the recent past leading to a significant increase in the number of students getting enrolled for top cooking courses in Pune.

There area number of certificate and graduate level courses available for excelling in this field. The number of chefs in the hotel depends on the type of hotel, along with that there are various ranks of chefs in the hotel industry which you should know about if you are planning to get admission in any of the degree, diploma or certificate course in Cooking:

  • Executive Chef: Executive chef is the head of the kitchen and controls the overall menu in the kitchen.He is also responsible for the overall management of the kitchen.
  • Sous Chef: He is the assistant chef in the kitchen and he is responsible for the planning of the menu, ordering, and budget creation.
  • Expeditor: Their responsibility is to ensure that there is timeliness in the order serving and the customer does not have to wait for long.
  • Cooks and assistant: There is a big staff in a 5-starhotel at this position and is further bifurcated into Commi 3 , commi 2, commi 1, Demmi chef de partie and chef-de-partie. All of them look towards different sections while chef-de-partie heads a particular section of the kitchen.

Becoming a good chef has various attributes like:

  • One should have love for food and should like to experiment with different varieties of food.
  • One should have knowledge of different varieties of food and cuisines and how they are cooked and prepared.

There are various good colleges for establishing your career as a chef or running a restaurant. There are a variety of cooking courses available in Pune which prepare one with different roles in the food production industry.

Apart from doing a graduation in hotel management or food and catering technology, there are a variety of certificate courses in cooking. These courses focus on different aspects of cooking, raw material, nutrient content and also about balanced diet.

Admission Criteria: There are different colleges and courses which can help you make a career in cooking.

One can do a graduation in hotel management or an equivalent graduate-level courses: These courses tell you everything about hotel industry starting from food production, front office, housekeeping and bakery, etc.

Admission Process: The admissions to hotel management is based on a written entrance exam, Group discussion, and a personal interview. The selection in the hotel management course is based on the performance in written, group discussion and interview.

BHM in Culinary Colleges:These are the undergraduate courses designed especially for cooking and also knowledge about various cuisines and food procurement and budgeting.

Admission process: These institutes have specific tests conducted by the colleges and followed by counseling for the students who qualify the exam. The counseling and everything is focused towards the level of interest of the candidates.

Certificate courses: Apart from this, there are short courses for 6 months or a year providing a certificate at the end of the course. The certificate courses in cooking prepare students for the various fields related to the hotel industry and restaurants.

Admission Process: The admissions to these is dependent solely on the interest levels of the students who want to pursue the certificate course. The institute might take a small written test and an interview to gauge the interest of the students in cooking.

Cooking courses: There are many small and big institutes providing short-term training in cooking. One can learn various kinds of cuisines, baking, the art of presenting and arranging food items. The top cooking courses in Pune can help you join a restaurant or a hotel chain, etc. You can also start a venture of your own.

Admission Process: The admission to these courses is based on a personal interview or a personal counseling to let you know about the various aspects and prospects of cooking and also test your calibre.

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