Here’s Why Extracurricular Activities are Important for Premedical Students

Premedical Students

If you are a pre-medical student and thinking of applying to a Caribbean medical school, it is strongly advised to get involved in extracurricular activities. When it comes to getting into medical school, your extracurricular activities can make you a competitive applicant. Though stellar GPA and MCAT scores matter, activities you participated in during your undergraduate school may show the medical school admissions committees you have qualities and traits medical schools are looking for. In fact, getting involved in these activities may help you stand out in a crowded applicant pool. Furthermore, involvement in extracurricular activities demonstrates your qualities such as leadership, dedication, communication, and research skills.

Bolster Your Medical School Application
Medical schools have a dedicated section for “Work and Activities” that allows medical school applicants to explain their interests, skills, and experience. The activities you mention here will not portray a positive picture of your personality but also increase your chances of getting admission in a medical school. It is an opportunity to discuss what you learned from the shadowing experience, volunteering efforts and research projects. So, it is important to participate in extracurricular activities to demonstrate admission officers that you are the right candidate and have all the skills required for medical school.

Extracurricular Activities that Help You Stand Out
Since there is no magical extracurricular activity for the perfect medical school admission essay, medical schools prefer students that have a diversity of experience. Premedical students are advised to participate in activities that hone their leadership and research skills while increasing their confidence level. For instance, shadowing a physician, volunteering in a rehabilitation center, nursing home, or a laboratory are some perfect options to consider.

It is advised to find volunteer opportunities in private clinics, medical centers, homeless shelter, and old age home to get some hands-on experience with patients. Health clinics, research institutes, and nonprofit organisations are good places to volunteer. In fact, volunteer work is an amazing opportunity for medical students that show you care about other people. In addition, getting involved in a research project or joining a science club is also interesting extracurricular activities for premedical students.

It’s okay if you participate in activities other than science and medicine. There is a plethora of activities such as sports, politics, clubs, and more that you can choose. There are many Caribbean medical schools that prefer candidates who have a variety of interests and are well rounded.

Don’t Participate in Multiple Activities
It is a great idea to participate in one activity at a time, don’t involve in too many activities as it can be overwhelming for you. Many undergraduates get involved in too many extracurricular activities in order to be a competitive medical school applicant. Gaining experience in many areas and polishing your skills is great but committing to three or more activities at a time will only dilute your time and energy. In addition, you will burn out faster. So, dedicate your free time, energy and efforts to one activity.

Do What You Enjoy Most
Avoid participating in any activity that you don’t like but do just because it looks good on your medical school application. Medical school admissions committees look for candidates who dedicate their time to the activity they enjoy most and are truly passionate about. So, participate in an activity that shows your commitment, responsibility, and passion which will eventually help you stay ahead of the curve.

Think About Your Interests
Carefully consider your interests – medicine, sports, music, fashion, entertainment, literature or anything you like. Does whatever you want, try different things? College is a great time to get involved in different types of extracurricular activities. Polishing your skills and gaining diverse experience is always a plus point when it comes to applying to medical school. So, if you want to join Community Theater, go ahead!

However, if you are thinking of getting involved in an extracurricular activity that you enjoy doing is certainly a great idea. An applicant who has invested his precious time to hone his/her skills will surely catch the attention of the medical school admissions committees much more than the applicant who tried to get involved in too many activities but learned nothing.

In Closing
Believe it or not, the basic reason for participating in extracurricular activities is to prepare you for the medical school journey. These activities play a key role in deciding whether you want to pursue a career in the challenging medical field. In addition, they also create a positive impact on the admissions committees that you are the right fit for their medical school. So, if you want to apply to Windsor Caribbean Medical School or any other medical school, regularly participate in activities that you can list down on your personal statement or medical school application. So, participate in any activity that you would love doing.

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