Effective Ways to Pack Fragile Items during House Shifting

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Effective Ways to Pack Fragile Items during House Shifting

Effective Ways to Pack Fragile Items during House Shifting

House shifting is a challenging task, but most of all packing things is amongst the most troublesome task of all. Especially, packing fragile items that are quite expensive. They not only hold great value but some of them may also be very close to your heart. Moving them can become ones’ biggest nightmare if we don’t prepare things properly. For this, it is important to do the packing properly. Some people prefer to take help from the packers and movers to produce an outstanding result but if you are not among them, then you need some special ideas up your sleeves.

It is natural to be concerned about things when you are packing and moving them out of the house for your house shifting. But instead of wasting your time being concerned, you need to buck up and start planning and preparing things properly. it will be another story if you have had professional movers and packers Mumbai to Delhi to help you with the process. At a feasible rate, you will get your work done. Even if you have them to help you out still, it is real to feel the stress. So, what you can do to help with the situation is to do a specific amount of packing themselves. Here are a few tips to help you out with the packing and moving of fragile items so that they reach their destination safely.

Tips to pack Fragile Items

Using Small Boxes

While packing the fragile you wouldn’t want to do that in a big box. This could cause your fragile belongings to shatter into pieces. Instead what you can do is pack small items in small boxes instead of going for the big ones. Using the small boxes has many benefits. They are not only easy to handle but also protect the items inside the box from banging against each other and destroying them in the process. So, make provisions to get small boxes according to the size of the fragile items to make house shifting easier for everyone involved in packing and moving them.

Steer Clear of Flimsy Boxes

In the absence of good boxes, we may resort to getting the flimsy boxes instead. But in this case, you need to use sturdy and thick boxes. The thicker the boxes, the better. Try avoiding the boxes with plastic coating as they tend to slip from the sweaty hands and are hard to carry. In any case, it is best to go with sturdy boxes instead of flimsy ones for better balance.

Extra Layer of Tapes

No matter how strong your boxes are, you won’t risk sending them away in a box without securing them properly. To secure the boxes cover them with the extra strip of tapes in H shape. You need to cover them properly to support the boxes carefully. This is how you can secure the boxes while sending these boxes long distances.

The extra tapping can help in protecting the boxes from opening downwards as an impact of the internal pressure. So, if possible give two or three other coats of tapping to secure the box from opening accidentally during transportation.

Packing Materials

While packing things up don’t select any packing material randomly. You need to select the packing material depending upon the type of fragile item you are planning to pack. Apart from that, you must also see to it that the packing material doesn’t leave any marks behind on the items.

For packing the delicate belongings you must get packing materials such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap so that, they don’t leave the prints behind and give proper protection to the item. So, before you sit down to pack such things, make proper arrangements to get all the packing materials in one place. Towels, Styrofoam peanuts, or even thermocol can be used to provide a comfortable base to the fragile items. they can be used as a filler as well. After completing the placement of the items, fill the gaps with the soft materials.

Having cardboard for dividers will be very beneficial for you in the long run. You can also find such special compartmentalized boxes in the market and use them to pack the items which will protect them from colliding with each other during transportation.

Wrap Items Carefully

Packing and moving service providers always take time to wrap the pieces carefully with the packing paper. It can be anything such as glassware or a china bowl, but you must take time to wrap them up individually. You can do that according to the size and shape of the item. The material of the item is also taken into consideration. Whether you pack it with a packing peanut or bubble wrap, make sure you do so individually.

Remember to remove the lids or covers of the item before you go on to pack them. Pack them separately so that they stay safe during transportation. Another thing that you can do is to place these items in smaller boxes and then place them in a big one. This way, your things will remain safe and reach the destination properly.

Don’t Hurry with the Packing

It is wrong to do things in haste. The same can be said about the packing of the fragile items as well. Packing things in a hurry can destroy your belongings. Especially the delicate ones.take time to segregate the items slowly depending upon the type of materials and size. Take time to pack them individually while putting them in a box as you proceed with the packing.

Don’t make the mistake of stashing everything inside one big box. This could cause scratches to these items. It can be very busy on a moving day, so ensure that you do all the work before the packers and movers Mumbai to Hyderabad arrive. The key is to have patience while packing and moving the items. Pack each one of them properly and place them in their respective boxes carefully. It can be a difficult task to pack and move delicate items. But if you can hire the right packers and movers for the house shifting task, things will look brighter.

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