Common cross training mistakes you might be making

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We all are aware of the fact that regular exercise is important for a fit body and healthy metabolism. But there are times when you have complaints about adequate results. Here comes the point where you need to check your workout pattern and of course the kind of diet you are taking. Apart from eating a balanced diet, it is important to check the kind of exercises you are performing. Ask yourself the following questions primarily:

1. What are you targeting at?
2. Is your exercise working in advantage of target areas?
3. What is your goal? Fitness, weight loss, or weight gain?
4. Is your diet in accordance with your goals and exercise plans?

When we workout, the most common of the mistakes that avert us from reaping appropriate benefits is wrong manner of using various exercise machines. It is necessary to know reasons why to gym equipments in india and what purpose it is solving before you are sure about its proper usage as well.

gym equipments in india

Cross-trainer is one of the most popular exercise equipments that are effective for weight loss and overall muscles strength building. But are you getting satisfactory results out your cross-training schedule? If not, then probably you are making these cross training mistakes:

 Check the resistance level

If the resistance level of the cross-trainer machine is zero it will be of no good to you even if you run fast. Since there is no outer force to challenge your body, there will be no reverse force generated. There should always be resistance from your body against outer force. There should be a feeling at the end of the work that fuel tank has been emptied and calories have been burned.

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 Do not slouch on movement

This is one of the most common mistakes committed during cross-training. When you slouch while working out, you are minimizing chances of engaging the core muscles. Slouching will only make your upper body work out and the rest will not be engaged in effectively to burn calories altogether. Any cross trainer machine you see will have handles that allow you to move arms with every stride, this help burning calories of upper body. Avoid taking machines with stationary handles as this will not stimulate upper body movement.

 Check if you are changing directions

Have you been doing workout on cross-trainer for months but getting no significant result? Do check the directions of your workout. Do interval breaking training to enhance the effectively of the training. Following one direction of training can make your body complacent to one kind of training. Once your body gets use to one kind of routine, it adapts your workout pattern and becomes less challenging and effective.

 Don’t neglect your upper body workout

Go for alternate working strides pacing between fast and moderate level of resistance. Cross trainers give upper body workout too but people fail to realize this and focus more on the cycling part. Change in direction and movement along with handles will help you cover entire body effectively.

 Mix of all exercises

It is important to have variety in your workout regime. Sometimes it is not the quantity but quality workout you should be concerned about. Add various exercises, targeting your goal and areas which you aim to for weight loss. If your agenda is to gain muscle strength, you must include cardio and strength training workout.

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