Career options after MCA

Career options after MCA

Before you explore for mca lateral entry colleges for pursuing your specific line of education, it is essential to know what exactly lateral entry is. So let’s have a look into the aspects that opens your gateway to taking lateral entry in various colleges, for example taking admission in MCA College in Dehradun.

As for the degree scroll, it is the MCA, acronym for Master of Computer Application. This PG degree has paved the way to chalk out a challenging and yet a prosperous career in the design, development, applications and maintenance of hardware and also software packages.

Eligibility for taking lateral entry
If you have done your high school in a Diploma system of education instead of the normal 12th class arrangement, you can make direct entry into second year of your course.
If you are changing your college midway to another college due to some inevitable reason, you can take lateral entry provided education imparted during the elapsed time in both the colleges are same.

So prior to your quest for Career options after completing your MCA, it is imperative that you equip yourself with what such colleges have to offer you in this course.

What is MCA
It is a Professional Master Degree program of three years in Computer Applications. Through this course, the students get familiar with the latest technologies in the IT industry. The Program is more apt towards Application Development and therefore emphasizes more on latest programming language and tools for developing faster and better applications. The various aspects covered are algorithm design and optimization, programming, database and network management, electronics, finance, statistics, etc.

Career Options after completing MCA
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer: You will be a software system design, installation and testing specialist post analysis of the need of your client
Software Application Architect: You have to develop guidelines and protocols to make high level decisions in Software Architecture.
Software Consultant: By being self employed, you have to provide cost effective solutions to bring efficiency and growth to the business post evaluating the same.
System Developer: You will be responsible in code writing and program designing for various operating systems.
System Analyst: As the name implies, you have to analyze the current situation or model of business and then design better and innovative solution to increase the business efficiency.
Hardware Engineer: You will be working with all the physical items of a computer namely mother boards, hard drives, printers, routers, etc by installing, testing or repairing them as per need.
Web Designer and Developer: Well, with your creative mindset and expertise in incorporating of Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver or HTML, you will be the creator and designer of websites as required by your client.
Starting your own business: On completion of this course, you can open up a IT solution company or start your own computer training institute by being the owner of the business.

MCA lateral entry colleges like the MCA College in Dehradun is one such reputed institute in India providing you the above opportunities. Simultaneously, the MCA scholars are encouraged to learn and inculcate the spirit of discipline, devotion, truth and confidence. Well-equipped labs provide ample opportunities for the students in reinforcing their knowledge in a specific area of computing.

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