7 Different Future Scope and Job Opportunities after BCA

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BCA degree is for people who love to work on computers and don’t mind spending hours in front of the screen. BCA degree provides very well paying jobs to the students with the degree. BCA colleges in Kolkata are open for admission and you can visit the website of different colleges and apply now. Meanwhile here is a list of job opportunities one can get after completing a BCA degree:

1. Software Developer: Software developers are people who look after all the aspects of software development. They get engaged in the designing, installation, testing, and maintenance of software. They are the people who take care of each and everything related to the software. So, if you like to take responsibility for big projects and software working interests you, you can go for this job.

2. System Analyst: A system analyst is a person who makes the IT solutions in such a manner that they help the business to grow and develop. With the help of these solutions, one can easily promote their business to new heights. If you love to interact with people and communication skills are your strong point then go for the job of system analyst.

3. Troubleshooter: Every system goes through troubles and bugs in real-time. The job of troubleshooter is to look after and sought any problem that a system goes through. They help non-IT people to work efficiently with the machines. If you have good problem-solving skills and you love accepting challenges, then you can go for this job.

4. Hardware Engineer: If hardware interests you more than software then this career prospect is for you. The hardware experts make good money working for companies. They can also work independently in a business-like set up and make money based on their experience. A person involved in hardware engineering can also work in the manufacturing industry.

5. Software Consultant: A software consultant is a person who would look after a particular business and will suggest the required changes that could be made in the business system so as to improve the quality of the business. He is responsible for providing cost-effective solutions to big companies.

6. System Developer: System developers are the people who love to write codes. So, if you are the fastest one in the class to write the codes of a system, then this job will suit you the most. This job requires lots of focus and long hours of working without any distractions. The salary is good too. With experience, you become efficient in writing codes and then the job appears easier in comparison to the beginning days of work.

7. Technical Writer: If you got skills for writing and knowledge of computers then these two can be combined in the job of a technical writer. The technical writers create content for the information of people. They write product descriptions, project plans, technical articles, etc. The more experience you get in the field of writing, the better you can charge for your content.

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