What are the options in hotel management courses in India after 12th?

Top hotel management courses in India after 12th

Whenever we talk about hotel management courses in India after 12th, people usually have the opinion that these programs are meant only for those aspirants who want to build a career for themselves in the hotel industry. However, this is not true at all. The hotel management programs after 12th open up doors for a bright career in hospitality industry in various sectors like event management, aviation, airline industry and many more. In fact, even big corporate organizations and MNCs are also looking for the hotel management graduates to handle their PR work for them. Thus, by selecting the right institute and program in hotel management, you can enter any industry of your choice.

Top hotel management courses in India after 12th
There are mainly two major courses or educational alternatives in hotel management which aspirants can select from in India after 12th. These courses are as follows:

Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management – Instead of doing your graduation in arts, science or commerce, a candidate can pursue a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, if he/she desires to make a bright career in hospitality management. The duration of this program is usually of 3 years, which, in some cases, can be extended depending upon the curriculum of the institute. These hotel management courses are very comprehensive and rigorous and cover almost all aspects of the hotel management like administration, housekeeping and accounting etc.

Diploma or vocational courses – There are several top hotel management colleges in India which offer these certification and diploma programs in hotel management. These programs are of short duration of 3 or 6 months etc. The structure and curriculum of these programs helps candidates in getting an understanding of the fundamentals of hotel management. Some of the top hotel management schools offering these diploma programs also provide internship opportunities to their candidates. These programs are also undertaken by the candidates who are already working in the hospitality industry to develop their skills and knowledge, and also to add a degree to their resume so as to get better job opportunities.

Career opportunities
Hotel management courses in India after 12th offer candidates the opportunity to learn the managerial, business, service, and culinary aspects of the hospitality industry. These hotel management programs usually incorporate hands-on and laboratory practices in hotels and restaurants, study abroad programs and internship opportunities into their degree courses. Students are hired in various capacities in the industries around the globe, including resorts and hotels, event planning, food service and restaurants, tourist destinations etc. With restaurants and hotels providing a broad range of career opportunities at global level, a professional degree in hotel management will open multiple doors of success to the hotel management graduates.

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