Things to Know Before Selecting the Best CBSE Schools in Dehradun

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“Education is the key to success in life and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”.

Schooling is a very important phase of student’s life as it has the long-lasting effect on the life of a person. Whatever a child learns in school days, it remains with him or her throughout the life. So, it is very important to select a good school with a good education system, as this is the best gift a parent can give to their ward. So, it becomes the responsibility of every parent to choose the school very wisely. The CBSE schools in Dehradun are the best choice for giving your child the best environment to learn and grow.

So, let us discuss the key points and important things to know before selecting the best CBSE school in Dehradun:
Infrastructure: The school campus should be large enough to have big lawns which should have greenery to provide fresh air to the children along with an ample opportunity for sports. School should also be equipped with a good library, good facilities in all the labs, workshop area, art and crafts room, a good auditorium along with a large ground and gymnasium.

Classroom is the place where students spend a maximum of their time and this is the reason that the classrooms of top CBSE schools in Dehradun are of global standards.They are very spacious to avoid overpopulation and students get enough attention. Along with that,the classrooms are properly ventilated and the walls of the classrooms are painted with a light color to give a soothing ambience. For the residential facilities, the hostels are separate for boys and girls. The food served in the hostel is very delicious and nutritious as well.

Academics: The school should follow CBSE curriculum strictly as CBSE is the most holistic, robust and vibrant study system. They should provide a modern methodology which should be upgraded at regular intervals.Apart from academics, students should be guided to become responsible citizens as well so that today’s students can become tomorrow’s torchbearers.

Faculty: Great teaching has less to do with the study material but with the attitude towards the students. In the best CBSE schools in Dehradun, students are free to express their interest, share their ideas with teachers. The teachers are approachable easily so that the students can discuss their problems openly. We all know how a great teacher can make the subject matter enjoyable. There is a common phrase for teachers is “A mother gives birth to a child but a teacher gives worth to a child”.

Societies and Clubs: There should be various societies and clubs in the school such as astronomy, mountaineering, western music, Indian classical music, debates, etc. Students should be encouraged to join any of the above societies depending upon their interests.

Sports Programme: Sports are the source of wellness for the students. The students should be guided to take part in at least 2 sports depending on their choice, Sports offered at the CBSE schools in Dehradun includes athletics, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, etc.

Scholarships: The school should offer scholarships on merit basis. This scholarship program accelerates healthy competition among students. This program also improves the results of the school. The scholarships should not only include academics but should also consider curricular activities for the selection.

Medical Services: There should be 24 hrs nurse on duty. The school should have tie-ups with a nearby hospital so that in case of an emergency special medical care can be given to the students. Apart from this, there should be regular annual check-up of the students.

Taking care of the above things while selecting the school for your child can definitely help in providing a solid foundation for the student. The top CBSE schools in Dehradun are definitely capable of fulfilling all the important attributes of education.

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