PG Diploma versus MBA in Facilities Management- Which is Better?

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Facility management is one of the best fields, which has intrigued many students. The facility managers are those who manage one of the organization’s largest assets with one of the largest operating budgets. It is a profession that encompasses different disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety as well as the efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process as well as technology. To become a facility manager, you need to pursue a building management course, be it an MBA or PGDM. Many are confused about the difference between MBA and PGDM and what one should pursue. Here are some of the differences between the two courses:

About the course
MBA: Only colleges that are affiliated with a university that can offer MBA degree for the business courses offered by them. There are many colleges in India that offer an MBA Degree. You can Google them to understand which college is better.
PGDM: PGDM courses are offered by an autonomous institute that offers business programs that will always offer post-graduate diploma programs, i.e., PGDM course as it is a free body and it is not affiliated to any university.

Body of Accreditation
MBA: The MBA courses are accredited by the university to which the college provides the course is affiliated.
PGDM: PGDM courses are approved and recognized by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education).

Duration of the course
MBA: MBA courses that are provided by the universities are 2 year-long courses.
PGDM: The PGDM courses are generally 1 year long or 2 years long depending on the type of program.

MBA: MBA course norms are generally dependent on the university as well as a curriculum that is not frequently revised as colleges cannot introduce different changes without the consent of the university.
PGDM: PGDM courses are quite flexible as they are provided by all the autonomous institutes that can introduce different changes in the curriculum of the programs to make education more effective.

The focus of the course
MBA: An MBA course focuses on developing the business and technical knowledge of a student. Here the student develops theoretical concepts that are vital in the business world.
PGDM: PGDM course generally focuses on preparing the students for real-life situations they can come up with some feasible solutions. PGDM is one of the course aims to make the student industry-ready as well as adaptable for the working environment.

Fee Structure
MBA: MBA is one of the more affordable programs and it needs considerably less amount of fund as the fee is set according to the university standards.
PGDM: PGDM programs are generally quite expensive.

So, here are the major differences between MBA and PGDM. If you want to pursue a course in facility management, then find out the right college first and check out which course they are offering. Visit the website of the top-notch colleges to choose the right course and make your dreams come true. Make sure you choose the right course and college as per your interest.

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