It’s time to take Financial Management Course in India for a Dream Job

best Financial Management Course in India

Globalization and expansion of the economy has increased the demand of financial experts at global level. To meet this growing demand of financial expertise, the leading business schools are coming up with financial management course in India.

Factors such as deregulation, globalization, technological innovations, mergers and acquisitions, and competition have forced organisations to rethink their business strategy. In today’s ever evolving business scenario, financial executives are exploring new ways in which the financial functions can bring greater value to their companies. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in finance is the best financial management course in India that develops future finance professionals by providing skills, knowledge and practical orientation in financial field.

All about PGDM – Finance
The PGDM Finance course is a 2-year full time financial management program that aims to create a cadre of professionals having specialisation in the field of Finance. It equips the candidates to develop strong problem solving and analytical skills with an ethical mindset. It also allows them to operate successfully in a dynamic corporate environment and develop ability to think critically. The course enables the candidates to understand various business challenges holistically and also recognize the interplay of finance with other fields. During the first year, the emphasis is primarily on developing a powerful foundation of analytical and conceptual skills required for specialized and advanced programs in finance pursued in the second year. The program specifically aims to:

• Equip the candidates with cutting edge technological knowledge in Information Technology and other important functional areas.
• Impart conceptual knowledge in accounting, finance, regulatory environment, economics and human behaviour.
• Develop an appreciation of the interface between financial analysis and other key areas such as management, investments, economics, financial services, international finance and corporate strategy to facilitate the decision making.

Eligibility Criteria
The student must hold a bachelor’s degree with minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA from any recognised university/institute in India. The bachelor degree or equivalent qualification obtained by the student must entail a minimum of 3 years of education after pursuing higher secondary (10+2) or equivalent.

Career opportunities in PGDM in Finance
After completing this master’s program, the candidates can work with insurance companies, banks, consultancies and many other finance organisations. Some specialized areas like investment banking, corporate finance, merchant banking, portfolio management etc also offer huge growth opportunities. Modern financial professionals also prefer fields like Derivatives Structuring, Asset Management, Risk Management and Private Equity. The future looks quite bright for finance professionals and they can work in both private companies and government organisations.

There are many top colleges for PGDM in financial management course in India offering quality financial management education to their candidates. The teaching methodology of the program at top PGDM Colleges is practical rather than merely theoretical. The classroom lectures are supplemented by regular business seminars, presentations and workshops.

Candidates in top management colleges are also encouraged to make presentations, group discussions, role plays and participate in case studies. Moreover, visits to national stock exchanges and financial centres and internship trainings are an important part of this program at top management colleges. The program curriculum adopted by these top colleges is highly industry oriented and up-to-date with the best practices of the industry. The program of these top colleges is taught by the well-reputed and experienced faculty which provides an effective mix of practical as well as theoretical experience.

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