Famous Tourist Places in India

Places to visit in India

India is a land of rich heritage which binds diverse cultures, traditions and languages in one knot. Not just Indians, but also the foreigners, love to plan an India tour and experience a soul refreshing vacation. Right from sundry sceneries and snow-capped mountains to majestic havelis and pristine beaches, this country will offer you every reason to come back here again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Just get ready for an exciting India trip with our tour and travel experts and create treasurable memories for life time.

Basic Facts about India
Planning a trip to India is the perfect escapade for experiencing classic journeys, Bollywood magic, wildlife, adventure, colorful festivals and much more. But, before visiting this place, you must know some its interesting facts that will multiply your excitement level –

• Ranked: 40th by International tourism
• Famous for: Spices, dances, grand weddings, cuisine, festivals and Bollywood
• Capital: New Delhi
• Languages spoken: Hindi, English and other regional languages
• Weather info: Generalizations are difficult due to wide range of weather conditions.
• Pin code: It differs as per the 9 PIN zones in India
• Dialing code: +91

The Indian subcontinent is home to varied societies and prehistoric settlements, such as succession of powerful empires, Indus Valley Civilization, Muslim dominions in the medieval period, formation of Vedic Civilization, the British rule, independence movement, Partition of India and foundation of the Republic of India. In short, the evidence of modern humans in India dates back to almost 75,000 years ago. The late 18th century is said to be the most interesting twist in the history, when the British Empire annexed large areas of the country. Finally in 1947, the subcontinent gained independence and got partitioned into India and Pakistan.

Luxury holidays get more luxurious in India, where you will come across diverse cultures, traditions, religions and philosophy. For generations, this place is known for its joint family system, where all the family members live together in one home and all the working members of the family contribute their part to earn a living for the family. You may also come across arranged marriages that are a basic norm of the society.

Top Holiday Destinations
• Jaipur
• Warangal
• Agra
• Puri
• Madurai

• Manali
• Ooty
• Gangtok
• Sikkim
• Shimla
• Darjeeling

• Shirdi
• Rishikesh
• Haridwar
• Rameshwaram

• Port Blair
• Goa
• Manapad Point
• Kochi

Travel Tips
• Make sure your trip is perfectly planned, as India has lot to explore and you cannot do every place in a much little time.
• Search the hotels online and book the room(s) in advance.
• You may have a dodgy stomach if you are visiting this place for the first time. So, eat carefully.
• Study about the local customs and respect them.

Don’t let your hectic workplace schedule overpower your personal life. It’s time to get a break; it’s time to plan your dream vacation. So, pull up your socks and get ready to explore the sizzling beauty of India, like never before..!!

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