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trip to rajasthan desert in India

Travelling to the Land of Maharajas becomes a lot easier with steadfast Rajasthan Tourism giving you delighting experience of architectural magnificence and beautiful culture. It is one of the most vibrant and unique province of northern India with amazing festivals and marvelous forts that definitely tells the tales of ancient royal civilization. One thing that you’ll definitely get to enjoy with Tourism in Rajasthan is local traditional dance, customary music, famous local cuisine and shopping at awes trucking markets. In short you get to experience the touch of Rajasthan art and making your trip a memorable one.

Basic Facts about Rajasthan
Before you plan a trip, one should learn a little bit about Princely state of India. Here are some important facts that every travelers must know about Rajasthan:

Rank: 3rd out of 10 ( based on domestic tourism arrivals)
Famous For: majestic forts carved temples, traditions and decorated havelis.
Altitude: 431m (1,414 ft)
Language Spoken: Hindi, Bagri, Shekhawati, Dhundhari, Harauti, Mewati, Ahirwati and Marwari
Best Time To Visit: November to February
Weather Info: On average 32 ºC to 45 ºC

There is reason behind why Rajasthan is being called the kings land. The history reveals the smaller sovereign state was being ruled by different monarch and kings of medieval and modern time. In the medieval period this place was being ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan, who got defeated by Muhammad Ghori in the battle of Tarain and largest part of Rajasthan came under Muslim province. During the reign of Akbar, he started to gain trust of Rajput rulers and he himself married to Jodha Bai, the daughter of King of Ajmer. One could enroll sightseeing in Jaipur and witness it’s antique along with amazing stories.

If you travel to Rajasthan, you will instantly notice that there is different and unique about Rajasthan; where Royal along with traditional is beautifully blended with modernity. This attracts travelers from all around that world. If you are travelling to Rajasthan than you must try- Proper Rajasthani Cuisine, golden triangle tour, Camel Riding, Street Shopping and watching fire dance as this will leave you with amazing memories that you’ll cherish rest of your life.

Top Rajasthan Sightseeing Places
Historical Places
• Jantar Mantar
• Nagda
• Arthuna
• Haldighati
• Ahar

• Jain Temples
• Akshardham Temple
• Birla Mandir
• Jagdish Temple
• Monkey Temple (Galwar Bagh)

• Amber Fort
• Jaisalmer Fort
• Mehrangarh Fort
• Bikaner Fort
• Chittorgarh Fort

Travel Tips
Though the Rajasthan is quite intriguing place but one must not be lenient.

• Avoid travelling alone after dark
• Carry loose cash for street shopping
• Advance booking of hotels is recommended during peak season
• Be careful of the cons who’ll trick you to buy stolen or fake items

The Imperial City is calling you. If you were looking for incredible destination where you can get away from your busy and have a fantastic vacation, then look no further because Rajasthan is the one. It’s time to plan an amazing trip to Rajasthan where food is spicy yet tasty, forts are gigantic, people are adorable and festive itself gives you pleasure. This is a perfect place to experience something exceptional that you have never experienced before.

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